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100% Australian Owned Cooperage

Diverse Barrel Solutions is a dynamic barrel solutions company. DBS offers a range of oak solutions to the global wine industry: the Phoenix barrel rejuvenation process, a world first; the Optima range of barrels made from 24 month country of origin seasoned French and American oak; and the Le Grand range of Bordeaux & Burgundy style imported oak barrels.

The Optima range of barrels are Australian coopered oak casks, available in French and American barriques and hogsheads. All wood is sourced and seasoned in country of origin for at least 24 months.

Optima by Diverse Barrel Solutions

‘Phoenix’ barrel rejuvenation utilises cutting edge technology to extend the useable life of your preferred barrels. Phoenix service is available for both French and American oak barrels.

Phoenix by Diverse Barrel Solutions

‘Le Grand’ is a small, premium French oak cooperage specialising in the production of high quality oak casks and fermenters, exclusively distributed in Australia by Diverse Barrel Solutions.

Le Grand by Diverse Barrel Solutions



Tonnellerie Baron has continually evolved and refined since 1996. Our in-house stave mill allows us complete control over source forest oak and seasoning times. The respect of a grand cooperage tradition is a promise of a final product beyond reproach.

EASE OF USE, COST EFFECTIVENESS, AND AESTHETICS. With traditional barrel stacking systems, each racking and cleaning necessitates moving the barrels; each lees stirring requires minutes of labor and additional oxidation to the wines.

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